Aspen Center for Child Development staff has expertise in caring for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in a group setting.  Depending on the position, staff must fulfill hours, classes, and trainings to be in compliance with state regulations. Aspen Center for Child Development takes pride in our staff. The teachers are professional, well educated, and trained to work in the Early Childhood Education field. All staff members are trained in infant and child CPR, First Aid, and Universal Precautions. The OUR Center provides staff with continuing training throughout the year.

Linda Swedhin,


Linda has been working at Aspen Center since 2007. She has a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from Metropolitan State University and is director- qualified. She also has a coaching credential and has a Colorado State Trainer’s Letter.

“I’ve always been really passionate about how children are treated in childcare. I love how much children can learn and grow here.”

When not at Aspen, Linda likes to paint with watercolors and spend time with her grandchildren.

Marianne Barton

Lead Teacher

Marianne came to Aspen Center five years ago with a master’s degree in elementary education, as well as two years of experience as a special education teacher. She is also currently working on a master’s degree in museum studies from Harvard University. She loves working with Aspen Center students.

“I like the creativity I get to use with the kiddos. You get a bunch of two-and-a-half-year-olds in a room and it gives a fresh perspective. It is fun to explore with them and see the world through their eyes.”

Barton says that Aspen Center is unique.

“We are the only 5-star Colorado Shines-rated school in Boulder County, and many of the families come here for our integrated services.”

Barton moved here from Maryland five years ago to marry her college sweetheart, and is expecting her first child in August.

Barton lived in Japan for three years as a child and loves to travel – she has also been to Cayman Islands and Thailand.

When she is not at Aspen Center, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs.

Olivia Burrous

Lead Teacher

Olivia has been at Aspen Center for almost a year. She moved to Colorado from Michigan last June. She is gaining residency and working on her associate’s degree in early childhood education at Front Range Community College.

Olivia loves Aspen Center because of the students.

“As an educator, we get to teach children every day, but I think that teachers don’t often realize how much we get to learn from them every day…I just love their curiosity and sense of humor.”

She said that Aspen Center is a place to go for resources that might not be available other places. Aspen Center is also a place that focuses on strong teacher-family relationships.

When she is not working with little ones, Olivia loves to hike, camp, listen to music and learn about other cultures.

Denise Coleman

Infant Teacher

Denise moved to Colorado three years ago and will celebrate three years at Aspen Center in July. She loves the low teacher-to-child ratios and loves working with children.

“We have high quality childcare and the cutest babies.”

She has a BA in communications and history and is ECE-certified. She has several years of experience working in graphic design.

One of her favorite things about Aspen Center is the Christmas program.

“The kids sing out of tune, and everyone has their Christmas sweaters on, and it is just too cute.”

Denise lives with her husband and teenage son and loves to read, garden, swim and travel.

Brittany Ferguson

Float Teacher

Brittany came to Aspen Center in 2008 and said that she really loves the environment and the staff members.

“We are all connected and when need be, we are there for each other.”

This care extends to the families they serve.

“We offer support to the families whether through therapy or knowledge of outside activities.”

Brittany has 15 years of experience in childcare. She has taken early childhood education (ECE) classes, and will be attending Front Range in August 2018 in order to pursue her paraeducator’s certificate.

Brittany loves spending time with her 5-year-old son, as well as reading, camping, listening to music and dancing.

Lynda Friedrichs


Lynda is a Colorado native who came to Aspen Center in 2004, and has 30 years of experience in working with infants and toddlers.

“I enjoy working with kids and helping out the community. When parents walk into Aspen Center, they feel welcomed right away.”

Lynda also loves animals, especially cats and dogs.

Lynda loves adventure- she loves to read, camp and ride 4-wheelers. She has been married for 30 years.

Amy Heneghan

Assistant Teacher

Amy has been with Aspen Center for almost two years. She and her husband, Andy, recently moved to Colorado from New Jersey. Amy comes to Aspen Center with 21 years of experience in caring for preschoolers.

She is an avid artist who has been featured in The Washington Times for her 2017 display in downtown Longmont called, “Positivi-Tree.” The work was comprised of more than 700 positive messages written on paint samples that were posted by Heneghan and Longmont residents on a 30-foot blue spruce in the northeast corner of Loomiller Park. She wrapped them in a garland around the tree.

Amy said that Aspen Center offers their students an opportunity to interact with the community. Teachers take the students on walkabouts in the heart of Longmont. They will go up and down Main Street and meet the business owners.

“We like to have the kids feel like they are a part of the community, and we like for people in the community to know about our school.”

Amy loves using her positive creative energy in art projects with her Aspen Center students. In her off-hours, Amy can be found spending time with her husband and three children or indulging her love for photography and making collages.

Kori Kohler

Infant Teacher

Kori has been at Aspen Center since 2013. Kori was born and raised in Longmont and is currently working towards her associate’s degree in early childhood education.

She loves to crochet, play the piano and guitar.

Kris Kortgaard

Lead Teacher

Kristina comes to Aspen Center with an Early Childhood Director Certificate from Front Range Community College.  Kristina has been with Aspen Center since 2003 and has worked with children for the majority of her life.

Kristina loves the family environment at Aspen Center. Helping low-income families move forward is important to her.

“We help people who can’t get help other places.”

Kristina is an avid sports fan who “lives and breathes the Broncos” and enjoys watching her son and daughter play softball.

She loves spending time with her two children and her one-year-old grandson.

Rachel Landon


Rachel came to Aspen Center in August 2017 with a BA in human development and family studies and a MA in early childhood education. She has been working in preschool and early childhood education for eight years, and loves the close community at Aspen Center. She also loves the high-quality education she gets to offer.

“Aspen Center offers a quality center for children to come and learn. We have a curriculum, and children are not only getting quality care, but also learning a lot while they are here.”

In addition to teaching, Rachel enjoys like camping, live music and summer outdoor activities.

Sandy McFarland


Sandy came to Aspen Center in April 2018 and has 20 years of early childhood experience.

She is a Colorado native and loves reading, taking her dog for walks and spending time with her husband and family.

Sheila Parrish

Assistant Teacher

Sheila has 20 years of childcare experience and is ECE-certified.

“Aspen Center offers support and encouragement for growing families.”

She has seen Aspen Center help families turn their situations around. She has seen young moms go back to school and obtain business or nursing degrees.

Sheila sees a connection between academic success and raising a family in a supportive system. Aspen Center parents are often relieved that their children are being educated in a healthy environment.

“When the parents get support, they don’t seem as stressed in their home life. By having that support, it betters the child’s emotional and developmental progress.”

She enjoys arts and crafts, as well as reading scary books and watching scary movies. She lives with her husband and has a daughter, two sons and one grandson.

Ariane Williams

Food Program Manager

Ariane came to Aspen Center 6 years ago. She has an associate’s degree in culinary arts and a bachelor’s degree in nutrition.  She loves to make healthy meals for Aspen Center students, following guidelines from the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program guidelines. She says that one thing that is special about Aspen Center is the collaboration with other programs and the experiences that they bring.

“I like the people we partner with, such as Stretch-n-Grow (a network of certified youth fitness trainers) who come and offer physical activities and a soccer program for our students.”

She also highlighted Farm to Preschool, which is a program that teaches children about where food comes from, and how to grow their own gardens.

“I like that we collaborate with different organizations to give a well-rounded education.”

In her off-time, Ariane goes to vegan activist events, reads historical fiction and watches basketball – especially her favorites, the San Antonio Spurs.

She lives in Johnstown with her husband and stepson and loves to enjoy hobbies with them, such as visiting ski parks and the planetarium.