Boulder County is one of the wealthiest counties in the nation; yet tens of thousands of people live below the federal poverty level. The federal poverty level is a national average poverty benchmark and doesn’t take into account the actual cost of living in an expensive place like Boulder County. When fixed incomes don’t meet a need or emergency situations arise, greater Longmont residents need a hand-up to prevent homelessness, maintain work and performance in schools and enhance family and individual potential.

The OUR Center understands these situations and has created a welcoming, supportive and inclusive place for greater Longmont residents to seek an array of services to regain or begin their road to Self-sufficiency. In mutual collaboration with our program participants, we develop personalized plans to assist individuals and families move toward self-sufficiency. Each participant meets with a Resource Navigator to explore their personal Self-Sufficiency Matrix and, through two-way follow-up, they regain or begin the road to self-sufficiency.  We provide confidentiality, respect, compassionate care, and honesty with all individuals and families.

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